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I want to be able to name methods dynamically (I would not leave it up to user input to do this, but as an example):

puts ""
foo = gets
def (whatever the user inputted for foo)

How can I do this?

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You can do this using the send method to send a message to the class, using the parameter :define_method to tell it you are going to define a new method for that class.

For example, having a class Car

class Car

c =

A call to c.sound brings about the error

NoMethodError: undefined method `sound' for #<Car:0x29d9048>

But after defining the name of the method and sending it to the class:

input = "sound"

Car.send(:define_method, input) do
  puts "vroom!"

The call to c.sound now brings the output

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The most commonly used approaches are: define_method, class_eval and instance_eval. Define method_missing method is also used a lot.

#An example of class_eval
class Foo

foo = gets.chomp
#suppose you input bar here
Foo.class_eval %Q{
  def #{foo}
    puts "This is #{foo} method you defined!"
#output: This is the bar method you defined!

instance_eval is used in a similar way but defined on a instance of a class. define_method is also similar:

#An example of define_method
klass =
foo = gets.chomp
#suppose you typed bar
klass.send(:define_method,foo) do
  puts "This is #{foo} method you defined!"
#output: This is bar method you defined!

Search "Ruby Metaprogramming" and there are many tutorials out there.

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