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I'm trying to make a conference and play a sound file in the background of the conference. How can I make this possible?

this obviously wouldn't work because the sound file will be played before entering the conference.

exten => s,1,playback(some/soundfile)
same => n,confbridge(1)

Thanks in advance!

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See here for a similar question: Asterisk- How to 'whisper' music using ChanSpy(), or any alternative?

Basically, you want to add a participant that points to a local channel (as above, only enter the channel instead of spying), play your sounds, then hangup.

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Ok, so use a separate call file. For example, if I wanted to connect 2 callers and play background sounds... 2 call files would use confbridge while the other uses chanspy and uses playback? –  Allover May 4 '12 at 5:10
You would have the 2 callers enter normally (or automatedly if you wanted). Then you originate/call file a 3rd "participant" pointing to a Local channel (pointing to the playback dialplan) and play back files to your hearts content. Said participant will leave the conference when your playbacks are done –  Mbrevda May 4 '12 at 11:49

You have create new call,simple method using call files.


After that you have place one of call legs to your conference like this

Channel: Local/1111@conference
Application: Playback
Data: some/soundfile

Where conference is context to get to ur conference room. No need do spy or somethign like that,that is wast of time/cpu

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