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I have two files which both contain a list of words. Is there an easy way to zip the contents of the files into one new file in bash, so that the resultant file would have two columns like this:

    file1_line1 file2_line1
    file1_line2 file2_line2
    file1_line3 file2_line3
    file1_line4 file2_line4
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paste -- merge corresponding or subsequent lines of files


paste [-s] [-d list] file ...


The paste utility concatenates the corresponding lines of the given input files, replacing all but the last file's newline characters with a single tab character, and writes the resulting lines to standard output.

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Ah, that's exactly what I was after. Thanks! –  humble coffee Jun 24 '09 at 1:45
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Paste will get you half way there, but you'll need sed to append the file name to the words

Put this into a shell script and pass it the two files as arguments

paste $1 $2 | sed -e "s/^\([^ ]\+\)\s\+\([^ ]\)/$1_\1 $2_\2/"
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Actually I didn't need the file name appended, that was just to indicate where the line came from. Sorry, I could have been clearer. –  humble coffee Jun 24 '09 at 1:47
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