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I'm using CodeKit to develop a WordPress theme. Of course I'd like to compress the LESS when it's compiled into CSS, but uglify.js removes all comments.

Does anyone know how to mark specific comments for preservation?

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Since it's relevant to comments and my use of CodeKit & Coda (1, not 2), I thought I would add on a nice tip. Coda2 has this as a more flexible feature, I think, but you can set flags/bookmarks in the code navigator by making comments as such: // ! comment flag/bookmark here Very handy with long documents. I bet you can't use it with CSS though. –  rgb_life Mar 4 '14 at 0:36

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There's convention to put an exclamation mark right after the comment, to preserve it after minifying. you should use something like this:

  this comment will not be removed by minifiers

The above answer is not valid anymore! things evolve!

Now you should add either @preserve or @license to the comment as mentioned by @texelate below.

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uglify doesn't respect that, not by default at least –  Benja May 14 '14 at 19:29
@allen, this is not the default! –  Mirko Pagliai Oct 16 '14 at 15:34
This is wrong and shouldn't be the accepted answer. See my answer. –  texelate Mar 20 at 11:17

You need to add either @preserve or @license to the comments you want to keep. It doesn't honour /*!

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Half a year later, I hit the same issue and the exclamation mark trick did not "do the trick" for me. Neither any of the @preserve or @license options listed in uglify documentation. What did work is providing a regex on the commandline, e.g.:

uglifyjs file.js -c -m --comments 'license' >file.min.js

and marking the comments with 'license' string.

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--comments '/license/i' works for me. –  OOO Aug 19 at 10:02

You can use this way: --comments '/foo|bar/' : will keep only comments that contain "foo" or "bar". See more :

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