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I'm using this code in Codeigniter to generate XML:

public function get_cuisine()
    $sql = "select * from cuisine";
    $query = $this->db->query($sql);
    $config = array (
        'root'    => 'root',
        'element' => 'element',
        'newline' => "\n",
        'tab'     => "\t"
    echo $this->dbutil->xml_from_result($query, $config);   

But this shows the general print format. How can I get it to show as an XML type page?

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You'll need to set XML headers if you want to output the file directly:

Using the Codeigniter Output class:

$xml = $this->dbutil->xml_from_result($query, $config);

Or you can use plain PHP to set the headers:

header('Content-type: text/xml');
echo $this->dbutil->xml_from_result($query, $config);

Or you can use the CI download helper:

$xml = $this->dbutil->xml_from_result($query, $config);
force_download('myfile.xml', $xml);

Or write it to a file with the file helper:

$xml = $this->dbutil->xml_from_result($query, $config);
$file_name = '/path/to/myfile.xml';
write_file($file_name, $xml);
// Optionally redirect to the file you (hopefully) just created
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I had also the same question. I have googled it. Found this solution. And it works perfectly for me. Click here to get the source code

Just download and unzip ( extract it)

Then copy the xml_writer.php in application->libraries of the extracted folder to your libraries folder in your Codeigniter project.

Also copy the xml.php in the application->controller in to your controllers folder

Finally copy the xml.php in the views of the extracted folder in to your view and run it..

That's it...

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