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hi have a major problem in matlab. I have a function and it sometimes returns control ascii characters. How do i check for the presence of these control ascii ?.

my code looks like this

d = out.autoc

d sometimes receives control ascii characters instead of a actual double value. Does someone know how to catch such incompatible assignments ?

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I think this should work but you may want to double check the ASCII codes to exclude.

%here I load Ctrl-C
s = sprintf('%s', 3);
code = bin2dec(dec2bin(s,8));
if code < 32 
  fprintf('do somsething');
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If you want to check that the value of d is double, and not a string. You can check it this way:

if ~isnumeric(d) || ~isdouble(d)
    fprintf('d is not of class double\n');

But if you want to assign the value of out.autoc to d only if out.autoc is double, you can do this:

if isnumeric(out.autoc) && isequal(class(out.autoc), 'double')
    d = out.autoc;
    fprintf('out.autoc is not of class double, no assignment made.\n');
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