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In my controller I am using render update,but I want to update only if div element if present. In order to check if div element is present, I am using page.select but its not responding with anything,neither error or output,here is my code

def post_update
render :update do |page|
   page.replace_html('div_id':partial=>'my_partial') unless page.select("#div_id").blank?

is there anything I am missing here ?

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You can't use ruby conditionals like that in rjs: that "unless" and page.select are executed on your server and have no idea what the contents of the DOM are.

I once wrote a blog post with a few ways of dealing with this. The short version is probably "generate Javascript fragments with your conditions". These days I'd stay away from rjs: render json or HTML and have some JavaScript on your page that knows what to do with it.

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@Frederick_Cheung so there is no way I can access javascript element from my controller ? –  user422543 Apr 28 '12 at 7:38
no. The information just isn't there (unless of course you start passing extra parameters with your request with the information you need) –  Frederick Cheung Apr 28 '12 at 7:42

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