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My question is about gettext itself, i kinda don't see the use of a gettext_noop function. I know what it does, but what are the benefits?

If i mark a text with e.g. gettext_noop(), it will not be translated, but xgettext can recognize it, and translation takes place when i output the string as a variable.

Is this because memory usage, or what? Is it better to use it in PHP, or just use _() (or gettext())?

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The Gettext manual covers nicely the way gettext_noop may be useful when programming in C.

In PHP, however, it doesn't seem to make sense to do:

$options = array( gettext_noop("one string"),
           gettext_noop("another string") ,);
echo _($options[0]);

It should be perfectly ok to do:

$options = array( _("one string") ,
           _("another string"), );
echo $options[0];

Since PHP is a dynamically typed language, we'd need to be a lot more creative to find a good use for gettext_noop. Most likely, you won't need it in PHP.

That's probably the reason gettext_noop doesn't figure in PHP's manual

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