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I am executing a stored procedure and returning a string. The string is set to return 1,0 or "USER DOES NOT EXISTS" depending on the conditions.

Just wanted to know if the following is a bad programming practice.

string result = _db.GetParameterValue(cmdObj, "@strMessage").ToString();
    int a = int.Parse(result);
    if (a == 1)

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It is always better to specifically match rather than presume it was "USER NOT EXISTS" based on catching a failed int parse.

It is always bad practice to try/catch/swallow. If you're going to catch an exception, log it or throw.

You've not specified a language, so presuming it's C#, int.TryParse() is much cleaner than int.Parse inside a try/catch.

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thanks robrich. thats the second thought i was thinking about. – Rain Apr 28 '12 at 7:48

you should use tryParse and not to include it in try catch block.

 int outValue = -1;
 int.TryParse(result, out outValue);
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yeah, got it. thanks. – Rain Apr 28 '12 at 7:50

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