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I have a specific field in a form which needs to have a custom attribute AND we styled as a password box. Currently I have:

login_password = forms.CharField(label=(u'password'))

But I need both of these:

widget=forms.TextInput(attrs={'placeholder': 'password'})

How can I make it so the field uses these two widgets? I've read about MultiWidget but I'm not sure if this is what I need to use or how exactly to use it.

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PasswordInput accepts attrs as well.

login_password = forms.CharField(label=u'password', widget=forms.PasswordInput(render_value=False, attrs={'placeholder': 'password'}))
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Oh sweet, didn't realize that. But in the even I did need multiple widgets, how could I achieve that? – n0pe Apr 28 '12 at 8:59
@MaxMackie It is very general question. And it has the same answer as even more general question: "If I have two classes, how can I make the class that combines these two?". And specific answer comes from specific task: sometimes you can use MultiWidget, sometimes you inherit from one class and borrow some methods from another, sometimes (never saw it) direct inheritance from two parents is possible. And in many cases all you need to do is to google and find existing solution. :-) – DrTyrsa Apr 28 '12 at 9:32

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