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I have a requirement of achieving the method of controller in interceptor and the object returned by the method in interceptor.


Because I want to declare the datatype which will return to client using annotation annotated on the method. for example :

public class HelloWorld {
    public UserInfo hellowUser(@PathVariable("username") String username) {
         UserInfo userInfo = new UserInfo();
         return userInfo.

then interceptor:

public void postHandle(HttpServletRequest request,
            HttpServletResponse response, Object handler,
            ModelAndView modelAndView) throw Exception {
    Method method = getRequestedMethod();
    Object result = getResultReturnedByTheMethod();
    ResponseType responseType = method.getAnnotation(ResponseType.class);
    DataType type = responseType.value();
    swich(type) {
    case DataType.JSON : writeJson(result);
    case .......

So, in another words, how can I implement the "getRequestedMethod" and "getResultReturnedByTheMethod" correctly?

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Spring MVC is capable of handling JSON output on its own (without you needing to write a custom interceptor for it) using @ResponseBody – skaffman Apr 28 '12 at 15:24

Have you tried the Jackson processor?

It automatically converts JSON to and from the controller. And is supported by Spring MVC.

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