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I'm new to android and i am following this tutorial to access an OData service on android. I am stuck where I have to make a proxy to access the Odata service. can anyone tell me how to make a proxy? the tutorial says to develop it using:

IDataServiceProxy proxy = new DataServiceAtomPubProxyImpl(DataServiceClient.URL);

i have tried to include it in my MainActivity.java but it is not working. Can you tell me where are these classes defined: IDataServiceProxy, DataServiceAtomPubProxyImpl , DataServiceClient. ? and how to proceed on with making a proxy for my android app?

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The example does not explain this, but it is actually quite simple:

If you look into the files you imported from the java-project, you should have one file named something like: "MyDataOdataAppService.java". This is your service, not the other files you see in the example.

To get the service you simply create a new instance of this:

MyDataOdataAppService service = new MyDataOdataAppService ();

... then you can run service.createMyItemQuery("............");

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Hey good one, I got stuck on this too thanks. –  WaterBoy Jul 20 '12 at 1:18

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