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I implement Activity X. I got a PendingIntent P from a Service S. I know for sure, that P points to unknown Activity Y which returns result R via its setResult method.

How should I start P in X, in order to receive the result R in X.onActivityResult?

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PS. As with the usual startActivityFotResult call, I would also like to be notified when Y is cancelled (R equals RESULT_CANCELED in this case). – wrygiel Apr 28 '12 at 10:38

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I spent some time digging this issue and my conclusion is that it is impossible without certain changes in both Activities (X and Y):

In Activity X:

  • You should create one more PendingIntent (P2), this time in Activity X context, using X.createPendingResult. Now, sending data through P2 will result in calling X.onActivityResult.
  • You should attach PendingIntent P2 as an extra of PendingIntent P before send-ing it.

In Activity Y:

  • You should extract PendingIntent P2 from its getIntent().
  • You should not call setResult, but set your results in some local fields.
  • You should override onDestroy and send PendingIntent P2 from there.

Why is it this way?

I guess is that it's something about security of a kind. Activity Y can be started in a separate task (than Activity X). Maybe setResult is intended to handle passing results only within the same task? For definition of task see here.

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I answered my own question. I'm not an expert and I may be soo wrong. It might be unwise to accept this answer until someone confirms it. – wrygiel Apr 28 '12 at 20:13

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