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How to use the CAPTCHA plugin in a login form in Fat Free framework? I have never used CAPTCHA before so I am looking for some kind of a tutorial to learn that for FatFree framework.

Can anyone point to some resource or tell me how to do this ? Specifically, I am looking to insert a CAPTCHA in a form in a template and then check for correctness when the form in submitted.

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Fat Free framework already has Captcha in built

<img src="/captcha" title="captcha image" alt="captcha"/>
<label for="code">Security Code</label>
<input type="text" name="code"/>

Then in your application, you should have a route to handle the /captcha URL specified inside the src attribute:

F3::route('GET /captcha','securityCode');
function securityCode() {

The input validation script would be something like:-

    function($value) {
        if (empty($value))
            F3::set('message','Security code is required');
        elseif ($value!=$_SESSION['captcha'])
            F3::set('message','Invalid security code');

See http://bcosca.github.com/fatfree/ for full documentation

There is a know error with Fat Free Captch expect you are using latest version to fix it

You know about the bug with captcha ()?
It's easy to fix!
Line number 81 in graphics.php with the error:
$ file = self:: $ global ['FONTS'].

Corrected version:
$ file = __DIR__ .'/../ fonts / '. self:: $ global [' FONTS '].

See : http://techzinger.blogspot.com/2011/02/fat-free-framework-for.html?showComment=1298024374012#c4330544534362949394

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Thanks for the answer. However, I am getting some error like filesize() [<a href='function.filesize'>function.filesize</a>]: stat failed for /var/www/cube.ttf. In graphics.php, there is no such line that you have told to fix. The line is $file=&self::vars['FONTS']. What should I do? –  Siddharth Apr 28 '12 at 14:42
I actually got it. I had to set F3::set('FONTS', /path/to/fonts/folder') as it was different. –  Siddharth Apr 28 '12 at 14:48

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