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I can't think of a way of describing it, basically I'm wondering if it is possible to write a method makes the current object become the decoded serialized XML.

I know that the saveTillXML works, as it generates an XML file which matches the state of the current Till object [but really I don't know that it does work, as the decoding fails]. However, I get these exceptions when I call the loadTillXML() method:

  • java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
  • java.lang.IllegalStateException
  • java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

I call the saveTillXML() method when the window is closed, & the loadTillXML method in the Till's constructor.

I have all the gets & sets & argumentless constructors in the Till, & in all the clases which the Till uses.

public void saveTillXML() throws IOException{
    XMLEncoder encoder=new XMLEncoder(new BufferedOutputStream(new FileOutputStream("till.xml")));

public static void loadTillXML() throws IOException{
    XMLDecoder decoder=new XMLDecoder(new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream("till.xml")));

The only thing I can think of is the fact that decoder.readObject() doesn't go into anything, which is probably should if I want to make the current instance be the XML it's decoding.

Thanks in advance.

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Okay, I've managed to solve my problem. The loadTillXML needed a return method - Till - which then prompted me to think that it needs to be called outside Till. So I used it instead of private Till till=new Till(); which was in the window.

The working method:

public static Till loadTillXML() {
        XMLDecoder decoder=new XMLDecoder(new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream("till.xml")));
        return (Till) decoder.readObject();     
    catch(FileNotFoundException fNFE){
        System.out.println("Cannot find file");
        Till till=new Till();
        return till;
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