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I'm repeatedly having to include one variable when I display my views:

$this->load->view('login', array('logged_in' => $this->auth->is_logged_in()));
$this->load->view('somepage', array('logged_in' => $this->auth->is_logged_in()));
$this->load->view('anotherpage', array('logged_in' => $this->auth->is_logged_in()));

How can I include this one variable across all of my view outputs? Is there a simpler method than extending the templating class?

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One simpler way would be to make the array into a variable, so you dont have to type it out all the time, e.g.

$params = array('logged_in' => $this->auth->is_logged_in());
$this->load->view('login', $params);
$this->load->view('somepage', $params);
$this->load->view('anotherpage', $params);

An alternative would be to create a Helper that returns whether a user is logged in. Helpers are globally available in your controllers and views. See http://codeigniter.com/user_guide/general/helpers.html and also

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I went with the helper option. Thanks! –  jSherz Apr 28 '12 at 11:49

how about using sessions?


or cookies

$this->input->cookie($var, TRUE);


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Note that current Codeigniter sessions are Cookies. –  Eddie May 1 '12 at 13:38

Great solution, Gordon! But, depending on the case, it's also possible to use the Most Simple Template Library.


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You can also access the class directly from within your view:

<?php if( $this->auth->is_logged_in() ): ?>
<?php endif; ?>

It's not the greatest solution but I find it works well with user conditionals.

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