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All i want to connect wamp server phpmyadmin from iis php page. My iis is running in http://localhost:80 and wamp server is running in http://localhost:81:phpmyadmin/ i created 1 php file inside inetpub/wwwroot/test.php and trying to connect phpmyadmin with the hostname,username,password. But its not getting connected. But Phpmyadmin is working fine separately. mysql_connect(localhost:81,'root','');

Can you please Help me to connect phpmyadmin from iis (test.php)

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Did you installed apache separately or within the IIS using Fast CGI? –  Shaikh Farooque Apr 28 '12 at 11:31
You're using two mysql server? –  miqbal Apr 28 '12 at 11:32

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the mysql server is not running on port 81

there is a webserver (apache probably) which is running on port 81

http://localhost:81:phpmyadmin/ would go to that webserver

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You should be able to connect with a standard mysql_connect() call. When you installed WampServer it would have installed MySQL as a seperate service, which runs on port 3306 (the default). Unless you have changed this, you don't need to specify it in the connection. This will suffice:


Note: You missed off the quotes around the server name in your question, make sure that localhost is quoted of it will error. If it just didn't connect and you got a blank page, it's likely because of your error level settings. Add this line to the top of the file while testing to see all errors:


Of course, if you changed the port for MySQL you can just append it to the servername, much in the same way as you were, not forgetting the quotes. Note that 81 is your Apache port - MySQL will not be running on the same port. You can test the mysql port by trying to connect on the command line.

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