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Trying the following code doesn't seem to work out for me quite as planned: from beautifulsoup import BeautifulSoup

definition = """From encyclopedia:\n<i></i><p>Infobox Country<br>fullcountryname=Thailand  &#x0E23;&#x0E32;&#x0E0A;&#x0E2D;&#x0E32;&#x0E13;&#x0E32;&#x0E08;&#x0E31;&#x0E01;&#x0E23;&#x0E44;&#x0E17;&#x0E22;Raja-anachakra Thai <br>image_flag= Flag of Thailand.svg <br>image_coa= Coat of arms of Thailand.png <br>image_location= LocationThailand.png <br>nationalmotto= none <br>nationalsong= Phleng Chat <br>nationalflower= n/a <br>nationalanimal= n/a <br>officiallanguages= Thai (<r><i>Thai language</i></r>) <br>populationtotal= 65,444,371 <br>populationrank= 19 <br>populationdensity= 127 <br>countrycapital= <r>Bangkok</r> <br>countrylargestcity= <r>Bangkok</r> <br>areatotal= 514,000 <br>arearank= 49 <br>areawater= n/a <br>areawaterpercent= 0.4 <br>establishedin= <r>April 7</r>, <r>1782</r> <br>leadertitlename=    <br>currency= <r>Baht</r> <br>utcoffset= +7 <br>dialingcode= 66 <br>internettld= .th<p><b>Thailand</b> is a <r>country</r> in Southeast <r>Asia</r>.  Its edges touch <r>Laos</r>, <r>Cambodia</r>, <r>Malaysia</r>, and <r>Myanmar</r> (which is also called Burma.) Thailand was called Siam until 1949."""

print BeautifulSoup(definition).find('p[1]').text

This does not return anything.. I'm sure it's a syntax error with my use of BeautifulSoup, has anybody got any idea how I could simply get:

Infobox Country
fullcountryname=Thailand Raja-anachakra Thai 
image_flag= Flag of Thailand. svg 
image_coa= Coat of arms of Thailand. png 
image_location= LocationThailand. png 
nationalmotto= none 
nationalsong= Phleng Chat 
nationalflower= n/a 
nationalanimal= n/a 
officiallanguages= Thai (Thai language) 
populationtotal= 65,444,371 
populationrank= 19 
populationdensity= 127 
countrycapital= Bangkok 
countrylargestcity= Bangkok 
areatotal= 514,000 
arearank= 49 
areawater= n/a 
areawaterpercent= 0. 4 
establishedin= April 7, 1782 
currency= Baht 
utcoffset= +7 
dialingcode= 66 
internettld= . th

Thank you :)

EDIT: I would actually prefer if I could get the text between the word "Infobox" and the last

tag, so that I could use the script to parse live wikipedia pages.

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You're using XPath syntax, which Beautiful Soup doesn't support. Lattyware's answer is correct. As for the question in your edit, you can use Beautiful Soup 4's .stripped_strings generator to get approximately what you want. Some example code:

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
soup = BeautifulSoup(definition)

import re
infobox_start = re.compile("^Infobox") 

start_at = soup.find(text=infobox_start)
for string in start_at.parent.stripped_strings:
    print string
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find() only matches the first element, so just use find('p').

>>>print BeautifulSoup(definition).find('p').text
Infobox Countryfullcountryname=Thailand  &#x0E23;&#x0E32;&#x0E0A;&#x0E2D;&#x0E32;&#x0E13;&#x0E32;&#x0E08;&#x0E31;&#x0E01;&#x0E23;&#x0E44;&#x0E17;&#x0E22;Raja-anachakra Thaiimage_flag= Flag of Thailand.svgimage_coa= Coat of arms of Thailand.pngimage_location= LocationThailand.pngnationalmotto= nonenationalsong= Phleng Chatnationalflower= n/anationalanimal= n/aofficiallanguages= Thai (Thai language)populationtotal= 65,444,371populationrank= 19populationdensity= 127countrycapital=Bangkokcountrylargestcity=Bangkokareatotal= 514,000arearank= 49areawater= n/aareawaterpercent= 0.4establishedin=April 7,1782leadertitlename=currency=Bahtutcoffset= +7dialingcode= 66internettld= .th
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If it is the Infobox you are looking for, you might find that DBpedia gives you powerful programmatic, and more stable access to the data. Of course, the Wikipedia API and the python wikitools also offers this.

There is a learning curve to both these solutions, but may be more stable and respectful of the site than scraping.

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