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I Have The Following JavaScript Function:

function validateLocality(object, args) {
        if (document.getElementById("<%=ddlLocality.ClientID %>").value == "0") {
            args.IsValid = false;
        else {
            args.IsValid = true;

and the following drop down list with validator:

  ToolTip="The Locality Where the User Lives"
<asp:ListItem Value="0">Select Locality</asp:ListItem></asp:DropDownList>
  ErrorMessage="Select Locality"
  ToolTip="Select Locality"

The Thing Is It is not validating the drop-down at all.

Thanks For Any Help Cause I wrecked My Brain about this

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The ClientValidationFunction should carry only the name of the function. It is not expecting to carrry a Javascript expression. Hence your attribute should look like: ClientValidationFunction="validateLocality" note no ().

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I'm Feeling So Stupid right now :/ – Jean Claude Abela Apr 28 '12 at 13:17

Your function is taking 2 arguments:

function validateLocality(object, args)

But when you call it, you aren't passing any in..?


Add an alert to your function to make sure it's being called on the submit.

function validateLocality(object, args)

     if (document.getElementById("<%=ddlLocality.ClientID %>").value == "0")
          args.IsValid = false;
          args.IsValid = true;
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the alert is showing but the custom provider is not displaying the asterix and I am sure the value is 0 the thing is I did an alert in the if statement and it is not entering either the if or the else which is a bit strange – Jean Claude Abela Apr 28 '12 at 12:20

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