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I created a site with the SubSonic Generator Website I have done this before with few if any issues, however now I can generate and build the site in Visual Studio but I keep getting this error for any of the pages I generate All of this code is generated I have not done anything to it. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Line 216: Private Sub BindGrid(ByVal orderBy As String) Line 217: Dim tblSchema As TableSchema.Table = DataService.GetTableSchema("Workers", "MsbcNurseryprov") Line 218: If Not tblSchema.PrimaryKey Is Nothing Then Line 219: Dim query As New Query(tblSchema) Line 220: Dim sortColumn As String = Nothing

When I build the site in visual studio I do not get any errors

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never mind it was a permissions issue with my sql account! too bad I spent 2 hours trying to figure it out since this error was useless to indicate this to me!

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