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in jqgrid for inline editing when we click the save icon, ** internally it calls the saveRow method, but i want to call my custom method where i will implement my save logic as well calling to controller method.**

i used below code for grid.

var grid = jQuery("#list5").jqGrid({
            url: '/home1/GetUserData',

                datatype: "json",
                mtype: "POST",
                colNames: ['Code', 'LoginID', 'Emailid', 'CreateDate', 'PostalCode', 'Mobile'],
                colModel: [
                            {name: 'Code', index: 'Code', width: '16%', editable: true, sortable: true },
                            { name: 'LoginID', index: 'LoginID', width: '16%', editable: true, sortable: true },
                            { name: 'Emailid', index: 'Emailid', width: '16%', editable: true, 

        sortable: true },
                    rowNum: 10,
                    height: '100%',
                    scrollOffset: 0,
                    rowList: 10,
                    shrinkToFit: true,
                    pager: $("#pager2"),
                    editurl: "/home1/EditUserData",
                    caption: "Simple data manipulation"
                jQuery("#list5").jqGrid('navGrid', '#pager2', { edit: false, add: false, del: true, search: false, refresh: false }, {}, {}, { url: '/home1/DeleteUserData' });
                jQuery('#list5').jqGrid('inlineNav', '#pager2', { edit: true, add: true},

so please anyone let me know how to implement it.

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I don't really understand your requirements. saveRow has a lot of customization possibilities. You can rename all parameters which will be sent to the server using prmNames option of jqGrid. Using extraparam parameter of saveRow you can specify additional information which can be sent to the server. The callback serializeRowData can be used to implement your custom serialization. For example you can convert the data to JSON. Using aftersavefunc you can make some custom actions after the data will be successfully saved on the server. So I recommend you use the features instead of implementing your custom saveRow method.

UPDATED: If you want to have navigator icon which uses your custom saveRow you should don't add "Save" button by inlineNav. You can use save: false option of inlineNav. Then you can just use navButtonAdd and add your custom icon which look exactly like original "Save" button and make call of your "custom saveRow" in the onClickButton callback.

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thanks, i already tried extarmam of saveRow, actualy i have written custom library to generate the grid markup and neccessary scripts based on user settings, there i got this requirement to call user specific method on save not the saveRow method. –  Meraj Apr 30 '12 at 7:08
@Meraj: What exactly do the custom library? An example could show whether such work is really required and whether your implementation is error free. Are you sure that it will still work if you update jqGrid to the next version? If you want to have navigator icon which uses your custom saveRow you can just use navButtonAdd and make the call in the onClickButton. –  Oleg Apr 30 '12 at 7:40
thanks alot for ur update. custom library means just like triand.web.mvc.dll we are building our own cutom dll to make grid at run time. its a specific requirement by user. so not worried about future updates we already discussed with him. i already used navButtonAdd for this. –  Meraj Apr 30 '12 at 8:41
@Meraj: You are welcome! The code which you posted has no usage of navButtonAdd. It contains only navGrid and inlineNav. If you already call your custom implementation of saveRow from onClickButton of navButtonAdd then I don't understand your current question. Is the problem solved which you describe in the question? –  Oleg Apr 30 '12 at 9:33
yes oleg, the code is not showing navButtons because initially i didnt used the navButtons and exrtremely sorry that later also i didnt updated the code. yes my problem is solved because of ur initial suggetions only. –  Meraj Apr 30 '12 at 10:37
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