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I'm a big fan of PyCharm by JetBrains but I do run into some issues that I thought maybe I'll ask here about.

  1. It hangs unexpectedly and this happens often. Overall, its a little bit slow for my taste and I would love some tips on how to increase the performance of the IDE
  2. Often when I open a project PyCharm seems to flag all the built-ins as Unresolved Reference warnings. things like open(), str(), etc. as well as some of the modules I import such as sys (these are the most common offenders :) ).

The only way I am able to fix (2) is by going to PyCharm -> Preferences -> Python Interpreters -> Paths -> Reload List of Paths but I have to do this often enough to warrant asking about a more permanent fix.

My configuration: Mac OSX Lion running on MacBook Pro (mid 2010) with 8GB RAM

Now look, I understand that diagnosing things like these is difficult without any sort of snapshot or more information about what is going on, but I am simply asking if anyone has ran into these issues before and if so, how did these get resolved?


P.S. I have also contacted JetBrains regarding these issues, but honestly I tend to find nice solutions to common problems here and I thought I might as well ask

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  1. http://devnet.jetbrains.net/docs/DOC-1212
  2. Try 2.5.1 from http://confluence.jetbrains.net/display/PYH/JetBrains+PyCharm+Preview. If it doesn't help, please send a small test case to reproduce it to the support team.

P.S. I have also contacted JetBrains regarding these issues, but honestly I tend to find nice solutions to common problems here and I thought I might as well ask

Did you contact the support team? What was e-mail subject so that we can search for it?

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I posted two questions: one was named "[PyCharm-Problem] PyCharm running very slowly" and the other was named "[PyCharm-Problem] PyCharm doesn't recognize built-ins and certain modules" but anyway, you already responded to both so thank you :) –  mlnyc Apr 28 '12 at 13:09
You've posted them after posting the question here. I've just received and replied to both of them. –  CrazyCoder Apr 28 '12 at 13:10
@CrazyCoder Please give yourself a pad on the shoulder from me, and relay it to anyone else involved in making the best IDE platforms out there. I keep my fingers crossed, that one day C# too will get a full blown IDE from JetBrains. –  Lo Sauer Sep 21 '13 at 10:01

1. Change the inspection level

Current PyCharm versions allows you to change the type of static code analysis it performs, and also features a Power/CPU Saving feature (Click on the icon at the bottom right, next to the lock):

enter image description here

2. Change indexed directories
Exclude directories from being indexed which are set in the project paths but not actually required to be searched and indexed. Press ALT+SHIFT+S and search for project.

3. Do memory sweeps
There is another interesting feature:

Go into the settings (ALT+SHIFT+S), search for memory. In IDE Settings>Appearance -> tick Show memory indicator. A memory bar will be shown at the bottom right corner (see the picture below). Click this bar to run a garbage collection / memory sweep.

enter image description here

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Solved my problem. It was hogging more than 100% CPU. Not anymore. :) –  thekashyap Feb 5 at 16:49
Shouldn't such things run automatically once in a while? –  Berry Tsakala Feb 6 at 10:06
@BerryTsakala true and it does usually work quite well. I am not familiar with Jetbrains GC improvements, however here is a pretty good sum-up of 'plain vanilla' GC in JAVA: javarevisited.blogspot.com.es/2011/04/… Cheers! –  Lo Sauer Apr 11 at 8:51
ctrl+alt+s -> settings –  mateuszb Jul 23 at 18:12

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