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I would like to make a personnal OSX application. A part of it, needs to etablish a telnet connection to a server.

  • I'd like a preferences window where we can put the ip, port, login and user, with a test connection button which return a "success" popup if the connection can be etablished or an "error" popup if the connection cannot be etablished. The connection must sends login & password as IAC and i'd like that theses prefs be stored as a preferences file somewhere in the system (in the library/preferences folder like a lot of app, invisibly).

  • On the main window (the window which open at application openning) i'd like a connect button which takes the preferences info to connect to the server. Near it, i'd like a text label in red "Disconnected" which turn to "Connected" and green when the connection is etablished.

  • And the last but not least, i'd like to have a button (which are greyed until the connection is not etablished) for example a button "Shutdown" which sends "shutdown" to the remote telnet server.

I don't know a lot the Cocoa coding, i can read and interpret codes but i'm not familiar to write in this language. If someone can help me (like describing all points of the work that i have to make, some ideas of the class i have to use, etc.)

I know that it's not the objectif of stack overflow And if someone would like to help me more I posted a topic on GetACoder to make this part of the Xcode Proj...

Thanks a lot in advance for your help. Miskia.

Here is the GetACoder link: http://www.getacoder.com/projects/telnet_connection_osx_app_150550.html

Edit: I found this code to etablish a telnet connection:

    - (IBAction)connect:(id)sender
        // Connect to the specified host
        [NSStream getStreamsToHost:[NSHost hostWithAddress:[hostField stringValue]]
                              port:[portField intValue]

       [inputStream retain];
       [outputStream retain];

        // Set ourself to to the delegate, schedule ourselves in the
    runloop, and open the streams
       [inputStream setDelegate:self];
       [outputStream setDelegate:self];

       [inputStream scheduleInRunLoop:[NSRunLoop currentRunLoop]
       [outputStream scheduleInRunLoop:[NSRunLoop currentRunLoop]

       [inputStream open];
       [outputStream open];


But I don't understand where and how send the login/password option, I think that i have to listen to what the server will respond and send the appropriate command IAC but need more explanations/example...

Thanks in advance!

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What have you tried? –  spudwaffle Apr 28 '12 at 13:33
Actually, i didn't find the way to etablish the telnet connection. I'm a little bit confused with the class i have to chose, I think that the way is to etablish a socket() and connect() and then read()/write() to send or receive commands. But the login/pw as IAC commands are not very described in my researchs... To resume: i'm in the black... –  Nono Apr 28 '12 at 13:46
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