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A feature that I used a lot in Eclipse is the Search History, which remembers searches you performed in the past and gives you quick access to them. I cannot seem to replicate this functionality in IntelliJ - it seems that I have to start a new search each time. Does this feature exist, or does anyone know of a plugin that provides such a feature?

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I think what you're looking for is the "Open in new tab" checkbox at the bottom of the "Find in path" dialog. For me by default it was disabled. When you enable it, you will have search results open in separate tabs every time, so accessing historic searches will be much easier.

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For in-file search there is Recent Searches drop down if you press the down arrow key, the same is available for the Find in Path dialog.

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For recent "Find Usages", open the "Find" window (Cmd 3); click the settings button in the the "Find" window toolbar; in the settings dialog check the checkbox "Open in new tab".

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