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I would like to run multiple insert statements on multiple tables. I am using dapper.net as of now. but i don't find any inbuilt way to handle transactions with dapper.net.

Please share your ideas on what would be the ideal way to perform such activity.

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Here the code snippet:

using System.Transactions;    
using (var transactionScope = new TransactionScope())

Note that you need to add reference to System.Transactions assembly because it is not referenced by default.

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I preferred to use a more intuitive approach by getting the transaction directly from the connection:

using (var connection = GetOpenConnection())
using (var transaction = connection.BeginTransaction())
        "INSERT INTO data(Foo, Bar) values (@Foo, @Bar);", listOf5000Items);
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Thanks. That helps. –  Andrei Mikhalevich Nov 21 '13 at 6:46

You should be able to use TransactionScope since Dapper runs just ADO.NET commands.

using (var scope = new TransactionScope())
   // insert
   // insert
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thanks daniel..:) –  Amit Apr 28 '12 at 13:44

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