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how to change the background color? I selected Profile > Background > solid color, but where i can select the color?

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Since it seems to be Terminal you're talking about, did you disable "Use colors from system theme" under Colors? Once you do that, you can pick a background color, still under the Colors tab. The Background tab looks like it only allows selecting an image (or transparency), which tripped me up as well.

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There are two well-supported ways to change the background color of an xterm (remember xterm != Terminal).

A. Set the color when you create the xterm: E.g.,

% xterm -bg yellow &


B. Edit .Xdefaults to include a color specification, such as the following: XTerm*background:yellow

% vi ~/.Xdefaults  (pick your favorite editor)

This can also be done by typing the following into an xterm:

% cat >> ~/.Xdefaults  <RETURN>

Whichever way you change .Xdefaults, the change will not take effect until your X server is restarted; probably the easiest way to do that is reboot your machine, or log out. But then it will be set once and for all.

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no need to restart X xrdb ~/.Xdefaults –  holms Oct 14 '13 at 9:25
Very true! For more expert users this is the way to go. –  Paul Oct 15 '13 at 16:27

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