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Nice to meet you. I developed Windows application with VisualStudio so far. It was these days and has begun to do the Web application.

Therefore there is a question, but will there be UI which added a select box and text box in HTML?

Though it can choose some choices, it is a thing to have the direct input if there does not have it. It is the guy who seems to be the URL input area of a place saying in FireFox and IE. A past history appears here with a list like a select box and can input it directly.

When there was such a demand, how should it have been settled? Will it be a feeling to arrange a select box and text box?

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Ahh... you used Babelfish to translate to English from What language? –  Aamir Jun 24 '09 at 4:58

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If your using ASP.NET Ajax check out the AJAX Control Toolkit ("ACT"), it has a ComboBox control. Very easy to use and a demo online here.

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What you need to learn about are ASP.NET User Controls; these are custom components wherein you can combine standard ASP.NET controls in one component and use them for your ASP.NET application.

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Sounds like you want a ComboBox control, but is this for ASP.Net or Winforms?

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