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I'm starting to use Apache buildr. As far as I understand, I always have to create the default folder structure (src/main/java etc) on my own? Is there a way to let buildr to this job for me?


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  • Use Maven 2 archetype generation
  • Run Buildr from the project dir. it sees the pom.xml and asks if you want to create a basic Buildr script from it.
  • Run 'buildr eclipse' to generate .classpath and .project
  • In Eclipse, import from a existing project in file system
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buildr is just a build tool, it is not meant to generate archetypes or build a website.

But you're right, sometimes you need to generate a new project, so I wrote a tiny shell script (you can find the gist here).

Here is how it works :

$ ./createBuildrProject.sh jptest
Please answer '1' to the next question
To use Buildr you need a buildfile. Do you want me to create one?:
1. From directory structure
2. Cancel
?  1
Created /home/jp/src/perso/774597/jptest/buildfile
(in /home/jp/src/perso/774597/jptest, development)
Building jptest
Compiling jptest into /home/jp/src/perso/774597/jptest/target/classes
Compiling jptest:test into /home/jp/src/perso/774597/jptest/target/test/classes
Completed in 2.130s
./createBuildrProject.sh: ligne 17 : cd: jptest: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type
(in /home/jp/src/perso/774597/jptest, development)
Generating Eclipse project for jptest
Writing /home/jp/src/perso/774597/jptest/.classpath
Writing /home/jp/src/perso/774597/jptest/.project
Completed in 0.025s

The output directories are like this :

$ tree jptest/
├── buildfile
├── reports
│   └── junit
│       └── last_successful_run
├── src
│   ├── main
│   │   └── java
│   │       └── Empty.java
│   └── test
│       └── java
│           └── EmptyTest.java
└── target
    ├── classes
    │   └── Empty.class
    ├── jptest-1.0.0.pom
    └── test
        └── classes
            └── EmptyTest.class

11 directories, 7 files

Hope this helps.

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