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I understand, that Eclipses Aptana plugin comes with some predefined templates like

def ${method}(${param}):${cursor}

How do I invoke them? The usual CTRL+SPACE doesn't seem to work.

Edit: I found out, that typing for example def and hitting CTRL+SPACE afterwords does not work. But Hitting CTRL+SPACE first would show me a drop down menu from which I can select def by scrolling. Also, it is possible to start typing inside the drop down menu to "navigate" to def. Is this the way it is meant to be?

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For example if you want to invoke "autocomplete" for the definition of a function and you typed the def CTRL+SPACE does nothing.

But if you hit CTRL+SPACE and then type def you can select the snippet by hitting enter!

Works for every (python/aptana) snippet appearently.

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