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In the bottom "row" (inside of StackPanel with Horizontal orientation?) of my SilverLight control I would like to display two things:

  1. "Save" button - to center-aligned
  2. Text field with small text (kind of Version) - to be aligned to the right

How to do that? If I put both inside of stackpanel their alignement will be the same... Wrap panel just tie them together...

Please advise.

Thank you.

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Within your stack panel create a grid with 2 columns then align each column independantly.

<StackPanel x:Name="Layout" Background="Black">
           <ColumnDefinition Width="2*"></ColumnDefinition>
           <ColumnDefinition Width="2*"></ColumnDefinition>
        <Label Name="Left" HorizontalAlignment="Left" grid.column=1/>
        <Button x:Name="Button2" Content="And me!" HorizontalAlignment="Center" ></Button>

No the perfect syntax but its just to demonstrate the idea.

Hope this helps!

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