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I am using Python3 on Windows 7. I want to grab all the attributes like color intensity, color etc. Of all the pixels of the screen area that I select with mouse. The selection can be of any shape but right now rectangular and square will do. I want to do it in any area of the screen.

Can you guys please guide me how to do that in Python using Tk Or Wx(If I must use some GUI toolkit). ?


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First of all, wxPython isn't supported on Python 3 as of yet. Hopefully it will later this year. In the mean time, you'll probably have to blit your selection to a wx.Image or wx.MemoryDC and use the methods mentioned on this page:

Basically, you call dc.GetPixel or image.GetRed, image.GetGreen, image,GetBlue.

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I have never used Wx or Tk, so I don't know how to do that using Wx or Tk. I would suggest that you use some image processing libraries. You can use OpenCV or SimpleCV for this. It will be really easy if you use OpenCV or SimpleCV. SimpleCV is based on OpenCV but it's more user friendly and easy to work with.

Here's a SimpleCV example to get RGB values of the point where you click

from SimpleCV import *

def imagetest():
    i = Image("lenna")
    disp = Display()

    while disp.isnotDone():
        if disp.mouseLeft:  # mouse left click
            print i.getPixel(disp.mouseX, disp.mouseY)

similarly, you can take values of all the pixels that bind in a rectangle with starting point as your mouse click and pre defined value that you have provided for height and width of the rectangle.

Here's a code that I had worked out to make a line on an image when you click on two points.

You can find more SimpleCV examples here.

Since SimpleCV is a library for Computer Vision, you might not find all the examples really helpful but you could try looking at some

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I don't think this answer is very helpful unless you show an example of doing what the question asks how to do. Simply saying "use library X" isn't good enough. – Bryan Oakley Apr 29 '12 at 13:09
okay. sorry. my bad. I have added a small example and few more links. – Froyo Apr 29 '12 at 19:50

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