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I'm starting to use vim and I would like to know if that is possible.

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If you're going to insert something, the best mode for that is the insert mode. –  sidyll Apr 28 '12 at 14:39

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:nnoremap space i<space><esc>

Then, any time you type space in normal mode, it'll insert a space at the cursor.

Or you could just hit iSpaceEsc.

OK, OK. If you really want to use the space bar in normal, add <> to the above.

:nnoremap <space> i<space><esc>
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When you add this command to your .vimrc, make sure there is no whitespace at the end of the line. Else, something weird is going to happen!! –  Phani Oct 6 '13 at 21:58

Insert a space after the cursor:




Replace the character under the cursor with a space:

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If you yank a space and then hit p (put) while in normal mode, I suppose that would work. Or if you write a space in insert mode, then hit . while in normal mode (repeat action)

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You could create a macro. To create a macro type q followed by any letter in the normal mode. Thus to create a macro with the name x you would type qx. Then all you need is to enter into the insert mode type space and escape back to the normal mode. Once you are done type q to save the macro. From here every time you want to insert a space in the normal mode type @x.

The keystrokes: qxi <Esc>q

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You could always just yank a space from somewhere in the document and paste it...

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