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Having trouble creating a sencha project, with phone gap. My development machine is a Mac.

These are the steps I took.

  • Downloaded phone gap from link.

  • created a project in xCode using Cordova-based-application

  • Run the application in xCode.

  • Got an error that the index.html file is missing so R-click on Project and added www folder. I unchecked copy items to destination folder and 'checked create folder references for any added folder'

  • Once I added the www folder, I was unable to R-Click and add any files or create folders inside it. Here's the screen shot;

enter image description here

  • Now, when I run the application, it says Cordova is working. I am unable to R-Click and add a file inside the www folder.

Why is this and how can I solve this ?

  • I guess the next step i should take is to add the Sencha Touch 2 files in to this project. I am not sure about the steps i should get. So can someone kindly give me the steps or a good link (which gives step-by-step guidelines to make this work).

Am I correct up to now if I have missed any steps please correct me. I have been trying to make this work for more than 3 days now.


  1. My ultimate goal is to run the application (Hello world code) in an iPhone and Android device. So Please help me.
  2. I have gone through this tutorial


enter image description here

When I expand the SenchaTouch Project

enter image description here

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Please top putting "Beginner" on all of your questions. –  user568866 Apr 28 '12 at 18:08

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You will need to use Finder to manage the files. Two finger click on the root project and select "Show in Finder". Once you have that directory open, copy your Sencha Touch project to the directory using Finder. You can edit those files in XCode but you cannot do most of the normal file functions in XCode because the WWW directory is referenced directory.

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After opening the project in finder do i have to Drag-and-Drop the SenchaTouch directory to the WWW folder or outside the WWW folder (with my project it self) ? –  user1315906 Apr 29 '12 at 5:51
I have updated my Question, after adding the SenchaTouch Project. Could you kindly have a look and tell me if what i have done is correct ? –  user1315906 Apr 29 '12 at 6:48
Can anyone tell me what i should do to get the correct folder structure of the project, I have included scren-shots of my project structure above. –  user1315906 Apr 30 '12 at 1:33
You are close...the touch project should be under the WWW directory and your initial index.html should be in the WWW directory. You have your touch project in a directory that would not be accessed by PhoneGap(Cordova) initially. –  jeffyt May 6 '12 at 15:12

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