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Help needed passing parameters with Struts 2.

<action name="Hfddisp1" class="model.HfddispAction" method="fetch_addesc">
   <result  >model.HfddispAction?ad_ref_no=${ad_ref_no}</result> 

My jsp is

<%@ taglib prefix="s" uri="/struts-tags" %>
   <h1> Iterator tag example 12</h1>
   <h3>Iterator with IteratorStatus 12</h3>
      <tr class="even"> 
      <s:iterator value="hftbList" status="hftbListStatus">
  <s:if test="#hftbListStatus.even == true">
         <td style="background: #CCCCCC"><s:property value="ad_ref_no"  /> </td>
         <td style="background: #CCCCCC"><s:property value="ad_title" />  </td>
         <td  style="background: #CCCCCC">     
            <a href="<s:url action="Hfddisp1"/>">click here-1 </a>   
            <s:property value="ad_ref_no" />
            <s:property value="ad_title" />
         <td >
            <a href="<s:url  action="Hfddisp2"/>
               <s:param name="ad_ref_no" value="%    {ad_ref_no}" />  ">
               click       here2

Error i am getting is:

Messages: No result defined for action model.HfddispAction and result huge volume of test goes here i can say what is it

File: file:/E:/Web_workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.wst.server.core/tmp0/wtpwebapps/Gshax/WEB-INF/classes/struts.xml

I am getting the data in the iterator but can not show it in another page.

<--------qry is executed2hftb_add_master[ad_ref_no=huge volume of test goes here i can say what is it,email_address=null]
<--------qry is executed2huge volume of test goes here i can say what is it 
description successfully queried:1 huge volume of test goes here i can say what is it
Apr 26, 2012 12:07:04 PM org.apache.struts2.dispatcher.Dispatcher serviceAction
SEVERE: Could not find action or result

From the first page the output i get is

Ad_ref_no Ad_title 

12123120  i am the king but not sing  click here-1  
213421123  new test1  click here-2  
4150  Ad_title ........11:32:08  click here-1  
4152  Ad_title ........11:32:09  click here-2  
4153  Ad_title ........11:32:10  click here-1 

when I click the click here -1 i am getting the above error ALL I AM TRYING IS TO PASS THE THE AD REF NO 4150 TO THE ACTION AND DISPLAY DESCRIPTION IN ANOTHER PAGE

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wht URL you are able to see by this expression <a href="<s:url action="Hfddisp2"/> <s:param name="ad_ref_no" value="% {ad_ref_no}" /> ">? – Umesh Awasthi Apr 29 '12 at 17:33

Using the Struts2 url and param tags...

Currently you have this: <s:url action="Hfddisp2"/><s:param name="ad_ref_no" value="% {ad_ref_no}" /> Note that the param tag is not nested inside the url tag.

You could write this: <s:url action="Hfddisp2"><s:param name="ad_ref_no"/></s:url>

Note in the above that the param tags value attribute is omitted because it defaults to resolving the name provided.

With several attributes using a variable can make things clearer:

<s:url var="myurl" action="Hfddisp2">
   <s:param name="ad_ref_no"/>

Then later where ever you need it:

<s:property value="#myurl"/>

Also you should be able to include all the parameters in the current url into the new url by saying:

<s:url action="Hfddisp2" includeParams="get"/> 

For more information always consult the tag reference

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