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I'm trying to load some data via jQuery.getJSON() but it does not work:

here is my JSON:


or it is


here is my Javascript:

  data["username"] = "u"
  data["password"] = "p";
  dataType: 'json',
  data: data,
  success: function(json){
    //fill it into div
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If you're ever curious if your JSON is or is not right, I'd higly recommend using – Erik Philips Apr 28 '12 at 15:34
That code is a syntax error; it cannot possibly work. You should always have your JavaScript console open. – Pointy Apr 28 '12 at 15:34
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your json string is wrong. it has to be




never use = and always use "

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Just so you're aware:… – Ben Apr 28 '12 at 17:40

Your javascript is wrong..

you need to move the data initialization outside the ajax call..
plus the url needs to be quoted.. (between ')

var data = {};
data["username"] = "u";
data["password"] = "p";

this could also be represented with

var data = {'username': 'u', 'password': 'p'};

and the call

  url: '',
  dataType: 'json',
  data: data,
  success: function(json){
    //fill it into div

Your json is wrong

should be {"didwork":true,"userid":123}

If the url is to a different site then the one making the call it will fail due to same origin policy

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