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How does one convert an unsigned long number to a float in Objective-C?

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Typecast it the same as in C. Typecasting is explicitly converting one data type to another.

unsigned long myLong = 5;
float myFloat = (float)myLong;

(float)myFloat is the key. The datatype (i.e. float, int) goes in the parentheses and directly after it comes the variable you're typecasting. has further information.

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Thank you very much! – Eric Christensen Jun 24 '09 at 5:42

Objective-C is remarkably similar to C. In fact, it can be implemented as a layer on top of standard C with runtime support for the creation and destruction of objects.

What that generally means is that most things you can do in C, you can also do in Objective-C. Casting an unsigned long to a float is done (in both languages) as follows.

unsigned long ul = 7;
float f = (float)ul;
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