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In backbone.js, you have to set the rooturl of every model manually. Is there a way we can set this in a single location once and all models will use it?

For eg. api.site.com will be the REST service, but for testing purpose, it may be at localhost:1000 I need to be able to change the root url of the service easily and not have them all over the place in the many models that exist in the application.

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Not sure what exactly you mean setting urlRoot for every model manually. Presumably you do

var MyModel = Backbone.Model.extend({

  urlRoot: '/mymodel',


right? Then each model instance naturally has the same urlRoot.Any other model instance of say MyOtherModel would have some different urlRoot.

If for some reason you need to be using the same urlRoot, I would guess it would be because the models share attributes. This should hint to inheritance or extension so you could do:

var BaseModel = Backbone.Model.extend({
  urlRoot: '/mymodel'

var MyModel = BaseModel.extend({
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I've been playing around with the most elegant way to do this when using Backbone with AMD (require.js). This is what I've come up with, and like best [so far].

First, bootstrap the data in, as described here.

index.htm (application entry point)

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta charset="utf-8">

    var require = {
      config: {
        // key name is module, value is data to give module
        'models/Base': {
          apiUrl: '/some/path/to/api',
<script data-main="js/main" src="vendor/require/require-jquery.js"></script>

Next, define a base class for Backbone models, like this:

js/models/Base.js (notice this module name matches the module name in config above)

define(['module', 'backbone'],
  function(module, Backbone){

    return Backbone.Model.extend({
      getApiUrl: function(){
        return module.config().apiUrl;


Finally, extend all of your Backbone models from that base, like this:



    return BaseModel.extend({
      urlRoot: function(){
        return this.getApiUrl() + '/user';
      // ... more cool stuff here


This is tangentially related to an earlier question I had regarding Backbone and Require.JS.

Related reading: http://requirejs.org/docs/api.html#config-moduleconfig

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What I understand is :

You have several models: model1 and model2

The root URL can be either http://api.site.com or http://localhost:8080 depending on whether you are working locally or externally. And someday it could be http://api.anothersite.com

I would do somthing like this then :

// Global var before any other JS code, you comment line depending on which one applies
var ROOT = 'http://api.site.com'
// var ROOT = 'http://localhost:8080'

var Model1 = Backbone.Model.extend({
urlRoot: ROOT+'/model1',

var Model2 = Backbone.Model.extend({
urlRoot: ROOT+'/model2',

But be careful with this, you may forget to switch from one url to the other one when commiting. Better is to handle relative paths if they'd apply.

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Just start your url from '/'. Thus you'll be not depend on either localhost or real domain.

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