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Does Matlab provide any facility for evaluating clustering methods? (cluster compactness and cluster separation. ....) Or is there any toolbox for it?

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Not in Matlab, but ELKI (Java) provides a dozen or so cluster quality measures for evaluation.

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You can try Silhouette plot from the Statistical toolbox.

For an example see this documentation.

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Thank. But I want use validation function as fitness/goal function for particle swarm clustering. –  PHPst Apr 28 '12 at 20:10

Matlab provides Silhouette index and there is a toolbox CVAP: Cluster Validity Analysis Platform for Matlab. Which includes following validity indexes:

  • Davies-Bouldin
  • Calinski-Harabasz
  • Dunn index
  • R-squared index
  • Hubert-Levin (C-index)
  • Krzanowski-Lai index
  • Hartigan index
  • Root-mean-square standard deviation (RMSSTD) index
  • Semi-partial R-squared (SPR) index
  • Distance between two clusters (CD) index
  • weighted inter-intra index
  • Homogeneity index
  • Separation index

Note that you might need precompiled LIBRA binaries for your platform.

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Be aware that the Silhouette in Matlab has some strange behavior for singleton clusters. It assigns a score of 1 for singletons, when, for me, a more reasonable approach would be to give 0 for these clusters. In the Matlab implementation, if you give number of clusters as number of objects, Silhouette will give you a score of 1.

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