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I m using Intelligencia.UrlRewriter.dll for URL ReWritting

I wrote below line of code in web config.

<rewrite url="~/Reservation/" to="~/Division.aspx?DIV=5&amp /> 
<rewrite url="~/Tours/ " to="~/Division.aspx?DIV=10/>

Here my navigation steps are : 1.From Default.aspx i will click on URL Reservations In Default,aspx Reservations corresponding code for Reservations in web.config is

< rewrite url="~/Reservation/" to="~/Division.aspx?DIV=5&amp>

---------This is working fine when i will click on link Reservations in Defaul.aspx It is redirecting to Division.aspx with path in browser written as http://localhost/Test/Reservation/ .

2.When i will click on link Tours it should redirect to http://localhost/Test/tours/ . In tours.aspx < a id="hlnav2_0" href="tours/"> Tours But it is showing http://localhost/Test/Reservation/tours .

how to write rule to get required out put.

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Removing the space from "~/Tours/ " may work.

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