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I am debugging the Blackberry application using Eclipse -> Debug as -> Blackberry device

Whenever I try to establish socket connection with the server in LAN , I get IOException and I am not able to connect to LAN server through real device.

I am using Blackberry Pearl 8100 device.

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Based on further comments and discussion, I think this is a better answer:

A BlackBerry device will only automatically route a network connection through the USB port (and so to the local LAN) if the device is activated on a BES.

If the device is a non-BES device, you require special code to do a USB connection - i.e. if you're plugged into USB your device will still attempt to use its radio to make the network connection.

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I need a bit more information - the message in the IOException is important - it'll have some information about why the connection failed.

Assuming that your device is connected to a BES, and has a data plan, you should be able to connect to a server on your LAN. Do you know if your device has any connectivity issues? Can you test a connection to the same server using the BlackBerry Browser? It may also have to do with IT Policies on the BES.

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First of all,I dont know the stack trace of exception is not printed on the console.I get "no stack trace". Secondly,I have a full fledge functioning device with good data plan. I connect the device to computer usb port,the simulator allows me to establish connection to another pc in network having LAN ip(not a public ip) If I connect BB device thru usb,I should be able to connect to same n/w,I guess...which I coudn't... –  iOSDev Jun 25 '09 at 3:54
Ok - I understand the problem I think. I've posted another answer that should be a better fit. –  Anthony Rizk Jun 27 '09 at 17:41

You need to install the blackberry mds simulator - then you can get network connections.

NB. When you have a production version of your app: you should note that not all blackberry devices will allow network connections - it will depend on which servers they use.

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how do I manage mds simulator and real device? –  iOSDev Jun 25 '09 at 4:02
Not sure what you are asking about managing MDS? You can download it from the blackberry developer site - then install it - then you run it in the background. For production code on real devices - just beware of the problem - as I don't know your situation it may not be a problem for you. A single app on a single device - unlikely to be a problem - a commerical app on many devices - you will likely need a partnership with RIM to get it approved to work on all devices. –  Grouchal Jun 25 '09 at 8:03

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