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i have a catefory template that loops through my posts with 'blog' categorys and styles them into a thumbnail type list with an excerpt only. i then use a permalink to allow someone to go to read the post fully. however now i have no idea how to handle this in terms of a template file.

here is my category blog template page... http://louiseguchi.co.uk/?category_name=blog

at the moment the permalink goes to this structure of url... http://louiseguchi.co.uk/?p=202

as you can see my normal header featuring my vimeo showreel is the deafult header. i dont know what template is being used here and or how to make the right one what would it be called?

Many thanks for your time and help

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I think I may misunderstand you but if you are unsure what template generates this or that page, you may install a plugin that will tell you. E.g. The plugin What template am I viewing.

If you are unsure what OTHER templates might help you - you may consult the template hierarchy section on wordpress codex. It has got a picture of all the templates that wordpress may use when creating a page. Hope that helps you.

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thanks consulting the template hierarchy revealed that what i wanted was single.php and this has worked great. many thanks for you time to answer my amateur question! –  Louis Eguchi Apr 28 '12 at 21:01
You are welcome, Louis –  skip405 Apr 28 '12 at 21:35

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