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Is there any way to manually control which index we want to add our data to with an NSMutableArray? In PHP, for example, we can do:

$foo[2] = "fafa";
$foo[8] = "haha";

Can the manual assigning of indexing be done on NSMutableArray?

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Just because it's not entirely clear to me that TeamStar wants a sparse array, I'll just mention that you can assign objects to specific indexes within an NSMutableArray – so long as the array is already long enough – using -replaceObjectAtIndex:withObject: and the other -replace… methods.

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Well the reason is because the radio button i use is supposed to update the array row[] not add more data into the array in case the users decides to change the option... – TeamStar Apr 29 '12 at 16:56

NSMutableArrays are not sparse -- they cannot have gaps where no objects are stored. It is possible to insert an object at any index from 0 to length - 1, using insertObject:atIndex: (as Edu mentioned), but other than that you can only append objects (using addObject:).

If you need to associate objects with arbitrary integers, you can use an NSMapTable -- the functional interface allows integer keys, or simply use an NSMutableDictionary, with NSNumber keys (as drewag suggested).

See also: How to do sparse array in Cocoa

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No that is not possible. I would suggest using an NSMutableDictionary instead. You can use NSNumbers as indexes.

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- (void)insertObject:(id)anObject atIndex:(NSUInteger)index

Important Raises an NSRangeException if index is greater than the number of elements in the array.

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Raises an NSRangeException if index is greater than the number of elements in the array. – Costique Apr 28 '12 at 18:52
You can use a for loop and fill the array with zeros. But I don't think i'ts a good idea so, have you tried NSMutableDictionary? – Edu Apr 28 '12 at 18:55
but isn't that making it into a function? can i use e.g.; @property (nonatomic, copy) NSMutableArray *rangenans; followed by: [rangenans insertObject:label1.text atIndex:0]; – TeamStar Apr 28 '12 at 20:00

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