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I have some custom form (user reputation) that doesn't link with any model directly. I have several reputation criteria which affects final returation value Here is code of the form

<%= form_tag("/add_reputing",:method => "POST") do%>
<div class="reputing_column">
        <b>Your feedback:</b>
        <%= text_area_tag :comment,"",{:class=>"or-form-textarea"} %>
    <%= submit_tag("Submit",:class=>"or-button")%>
<div class="reputing_column">
    <% @criterias.each do |c| %>
    <div class="reputing_row">
        <label><%= c.name%>:</label>
            <% (c.rating_from .. c.rating_to).each do |i| %>
            <%= radio_button_tag "reputing_#{c.id}", i%><%= (i<1)? i : "+#{i}"%>
            <% end %>
    <% end %>
<% end %>

In controller I need to summirize a values of "reputing_#{c.id}" fields. And then add a record to user reputation table.

How it will be better and properly to process data from this form in controller? I tried to google that problem, but found nothing.

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Without any code there's no possible way we can understand your problem and help you. –  Andrew Marshall Apr 28 '12 at 19:07

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No answers, so I'll try to clarify the dealing with, as you called them, custom forms.

Here's the form for selecting a preferred color via radio buttons.

= form_for :preferences, url: '', method: :post do |f|
    - %w[black blue white green red yellow].each do |color|
        = f.radio_button :color, color
        = f.label :color, color.capitalize, value: color
    = f.submit

The cool thing about forms in Rails that they can be used with or without a model. If you have an instance variable called @preferences then this form will respect that and will call the color method on it to determine the "current" color. This color will be selected on the generated form. If this variable doesn't exist it won't be a big deal.

In any case, after submitting the form you'll be able to access the selected color via:

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