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I have a quiz where by results are sent using session like this to result.php page

        $_SESSION['result'] = 'Correct Answer!';
        $_SESSION['result'] = 'Wrong Answer!';

on the session.php page i would like a counter which counts all 'correct answer!' and 'wrong answer!' . eventually im also trying to figure the arithmetic to display a percentage of correct and wrong results and overall score based on this counter..

any suggestions?

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Counters initialization (may be performed every time before stepping):

    $_SESSION['correctAnswers'] = 0;
    $_SESSION['wrongAnswers'] = 0;

Counters stepping:

if(...) {
    $_SESSION['result'] = 'Correct Answer!';
    $_SESSION['correctAnswers'] += 1;
    $_SESSION['result'] = 'Wrong Answer!';
    $_SESSION['wrongAnswers'] += 1;


$correctAnswers = $_SESSION['correctAnswers'];
$totalAnswers = $_SESSION['wrongAnswers'] + $correctAnswers;
if($totalAnswers > 0)
    $score = $correctAnswers / ($totalAnswers) * 100;
    $score = 0;
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Isn't this just a simple case of wanting to store the number of questions answered and the number of questions answered correctly?

If so the the percentage of correct answers is ($correctCount / $totalCount) * 100

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