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Kind of strange how this class type has dropped of the F# released with VS2010

Does anyone know where it has gone? or where it is now?

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It is in the F# powerpack, which is used by the F# team for "unstable" code that will get released and updated more often than the main release of F# and libraries. (Note that the code is still high-quality code, you should ignore most of the connotations that "unstable" has in this case). It's just a way for the F# team to get more experimental code out there quickly, once F# is released for real.

The powerpack is on codeplex

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Apparently the download link is broken now (MS... <sigh>). It appears to be supported on Codeplex, here: fsharppowerpack.codeplex.com – codekaizen May 6 '10 at 22:13

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