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I'm noob in this field, so please help me understand this: I have my web application launched on port 8080. I thought that if i forward port 8080 and enter from web browser: myexternalipadress:8080/Index.html it should open my website. please tell me why i'm wrong

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Ahh, hosting a website from your house is a fun thing indeed. In my experience, here is how I approach trouble shooting.

1.Making sure your server is configured properly.

  • Launch the server application
  • If your client and server are the same machine, make sure you can reach the server on localhost
  • Access the server from a different computer on your LAN, use your servers lan ip. 192.168.?.?:8080
  • If you can't get to it from another machine on your LAN, you may have firewall issues on the server

2.Making sure your network is configured properly

  • This is where port forwarding comes into play. Figure out the LAN ip of the server and log into the router.
  • Tell your router to forward the port (8080 in this case) to the server LAN ip address.
  • Test it by telling your friend to access your server on (WAN_IP:8080 in web browser)
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thanks WhiteboardDev, i'll try it now –  karaxuna Apr 28 '12 at 21:58
thanks once more, I'll try it from another computer in the lan and then from computer outside local network tommorow and tell you if it succeeds –  karaxuna Apr 28 '12 at 22:29

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