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this works:

 return PartialView("_Create");

but this does not work:

return PartialView();

The asp.net mvc convention should actually check a View folder with the name of the controller => "Template" and check for a View the same name as the action => "Create".

This is valid for a return View(). Why does a return PartialView() not just consider the underscore?

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It is only a naming covention that partial views should start with underscore. but strangely /mvc engine doesnt search for partial views with underscore . 1. so you have to explicitly say return PartialView("_Create"). or 2.Break the naming convention so that u dont have strings lying in your code.

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This may be a typo on your part in the question, but the default view would be "_Create", not "Create".

Steve G.

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am I blind??? I wrote "_Create" just like you !?!? –  Pascal Apr 28 '12 at 22:12

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