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I have seen this question many times but never found an answer for Windows. I recently ported my CUDA code to OpenCL. When testing with an ATI card, the Catalyst drivers contain a CPU OpenCL driver, hence I can run the OpenCL code on the CPU. When testing with an NVIDIA card, there is no driver for the CPU.

Question is: how can I install (and deploy) a CPU driver when running with an Nvidia card?

Thanks a lot

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To use OpenCL on CPU you don't need any driver, you only need OpenCL runtime that supports CPU, which (in case of AMD/ATI) is part of APP SDK. It could be installed no matter what GPU you have. Your end-users would also have to install the APP SDK: currently, there is no way to install OpenCL runtime only.

If you have Intel CPU, you better try Intel OpenCL SDK, which has separate installer. However, AMD APP SDK works on Intel CPUs quite well, but note vice versa.

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There are some generic CPU only implementations around -- but they seem to only exist for Linux which is unfortunate ("freeocl" for example). It would be good to see a generic fallback runtime for Windows that could at least take advantage of multi-threaded 64-bit SSE, and MMX, etc. (It would also be awesome to see CUDA wrappers that could run on top of OpenCL). –  BrainSlugs83 May 6 at 22:16
Additionally, on my Core-i7 machine, I report that I've installed NVidia's SDK, Intel's SDK, and AMD's SDK -- the Intel and NVidia SDK's both added platforms with OpenCL devices that work -- but installing AMD's SDK did not. -- It really looks like you have to get the one that's specific for your processor. :-/ –  BrainSlugs83 May 6 at 22:18
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