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Pardon me if something wrong in this question. May be it's a very dumb question but need to know exactly.

$t = date('s'); // s for second
echo mkTime($t); // 1335629750

Will the above code always return an unique number, I thought it'll return me current timestamp (only second) and that is going to be unique for every users, am I wrong ?


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No, you cannot guarantee it will be unique. – j08691 Apr 28 '12 at 22:10
You could have easily figured this out by looking up the function in the php docs – ilanco Apr 28 '12 at 22:11
Your code takes the seconds from the current time (e.g. 30 for 2012-04-28 05:24:30). This number is then fed into the $hour parameter for mktime(). No, it will not always return a unique number… not even nearly. – salathe Apr 28 '12 at 22:11
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  1. Just using time() will suffice to get the current timestamp

  2. Timestamps are not unique per user and cannot be depended upon to be a unique value as multiple users can get the same timestamp if called concurrently

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No, the current timestamp is not unique. If you need something unique, use PHP's function uniqid. It generates a unique identifier based on the current time in microseconds.

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Thanks for the idea. – The Alpha Apr 28 '12 at 22:12

yes, what the script runs twice in the same second? It's not really impossible at all. So you are NOT guaranteed AT ALL to get a unique number. If you need something unique, create a (semi-)random number, save every used number in a database/datafile and check if the number is used before every time.

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No, if you are calling it multiple times the same second (in the same script or on two different requests) it won't be unique.

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