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Assume that i have the following arrays containing:

Array (
     [0] => 099/3274-6974
     [1] => 099/12-365898
     [2] => 001/323-9139
     [3] => 002/3274-6974
     [4] => 000/3623-8888
     [5] => 001/323-9139
     [6] =>


  • Values that starts with 000/, 002/ and 001/ represents mobile (cell) phone numbers
  • Values that starts with 099/ represents telephone (fixed) numbers
  • Vales that starts with www. represents web sites

I need to convert given array into 3 new arrays, each containing proper information, like arrayTelephone, arrayMobile, arraySite.

Function in_array works only if i know whole value of key in the given array, which is not my case.

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Loop through all the items and sort them into the appropriate arrays based on the first 4 characters.

$arrayTelephone = array();
$arrayMobile = array();
$arraySite = array();

foreach($data as $item) {
    switch(substr($item, 0, 4)) {
        case '000/':
        case '001/':
        case '002/':
            $arrayMobile[] = $item;
        case '099/':
            $arrayTelephone[] = $item;
        case 'www.':
            $arraySite[] = $item;
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-1 for copy-pasteable code, give the guy a chance to learn – Matti Virkkunen Apr 28 '12 at 23:22
@MattiVirkkunen: Code examples with a description are actually excellent for learning. I suppose you have the right to vote whatever you want, though. – Ryan O'Hara Apr 28 '12 at 23:23
Down vote for code examples? That's insane. – Josh Apr 29 '12 at 0:04

Create the three empty arrays, loop through the source array with foreach, inspect each value (regexp is nice for this) and add the items to their respective arrays.

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Please don't recommend regular expressions for this, give the guy a chance to learn. – Ryan O'Hara Apr 28 '12 at 23:23
If using regexp, preg_grep() would be nicer. – salathe Apr 28 '12 at 23:29

You can loop over the array and push the value to the correct new array based on your criteria. Example:


$fixed_array = array();

foreach ($data_array as $data) {
    if (strpos($data, '099') === 0) {
        $fixed_array[] = $data;

    if ....
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Yes i actually wrote the full code with preg_match but after reading some comments i accept that its better to show the way.

You will create three different arrays named arrayTelephone, arrayMobile, arraySite.

than you will search though your first array with foreach or for loop. Compare your current loop value with your criteria and push the value to one of the convenient new arrays (arrayTelephone, arrayMobile, arraySite) after pushing just continue your loop with "continue" statement.

You can find the solution by looking add the Perfect PHP Guide

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